2017 year End Survey 

Greetings, Refuge Family
The purpose of this survey is threefold: 1. To hear from you about the ministries of Refuge and how well they are serving the kingdom of Christ; 2. To dig deeper into your spiritual growth and needs related to that; 3. To learn ways that we can help you develop spiritually throughout 2018. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill this survey out and to hear your thoughts and feelings on these areas! 

In Christ, 
The Refuge Elders and Staff

Name *
Habits of Grace
How would you assess your spiritual health?
How often do you read the word each week? (Outside of Church Gatherings)
Did you memorize any scripture this year? How Much?
How often do you privately pray each week?
Do you regularly journal during your personal study and prayer?
How often do you share your faith with unbelievers in your life?
In general, do you feel like you are a good steward of the resources God has given you?
In general, do you feel like you are able to regularly use your spiritual gifts in your life
Did you take a personal spiritual retreat this year?
RCC Gatherings
Please select the answer that most closely matches your assessment
The sermons point me to Christ
I am regularly growing through the preaching/teaching at Refuge
The preacher seems prepared
The series' study guides have been helpful to my spiritual growth and preparation
I am regularly taking notes
I feel that the songs and lyrics are full of biblical truth
The music selections and arrangements were engaging and meaningful to me
The liturgy used scripture and resources appropriately
The liturgies were meaningful to me personally
The worship leaders seemed prepared
The gathering environment was welcoming and friendly
There are opportunities for me to use my gifts and get involved
I am regularly experiencing genuine community at RCC (I know, and am known by, others)
There are opportunities for me to use my gifts in RCC communities
My Refuge Community leaders seem prepared
My Refuge Community is a place where I can grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ
I feel equipped by my Refuge Community to live on mission
Did you participate in a Doxa group last year?
I am more spiritually equipped to care for my own heart and for the hearts of others
I felt like I had an intimate place to share my struggles
I was equipped to grow as a disciple of Christ
My Doxa group leader seemed well prepared
Last section: we promise
The elders are providing spiritual leadership to the church
The elders provide Godly examples to follow
The elders are approachable and friendly
I feel comfortable going to the elders for counsel
The elders listen to my concerns
The elders communicate effectively the issues confronting the church
Important issues are adequately communicated to the congregation
Disagreements in the church are handled in a Gospel centered way
The elders have a good reputation in the unbelieving community