Refuge Prayer Update April 2015

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Hello All!

Let me first take a second to thank you all for your continued prayers and support, they are invaluable to our growth and development as God's church and it is God's grace in you that you have continued to keep is in your thoughts. 

this month has been one of continued development for us as we strive to grow and refine our Missional Communities and our Sunday gatherings. God has been exceptionally gracious with our Missional Community working with Refugee families. A lot of wonderful opportunities to tutor, teach, and generally assist these families have come our way and many of them have began to produce fruit. Please pray for the continuation of these opportunities and for the spirit of God to continue to empower us to help these people in all areas of life

Our other Missional Communities have continued to grow as well working with artists and families in Dayton. So far these groups have been focused on discovering the best way's to serve our communities and to meet more unbelievers. 

Likewise, our Gatherings have been becoming more successful and Gospel centered as we strive to make every part of our service demonstrate meaning and purpose in regards to the Gospel story. Thus far our congregation has been very encouraged by these efforts and have grown in their knowledge of the Gospel. Please pray for these things to continue to grow and develop. 

As we grow, however, our need for a space continues to grow. This is, obviously, a weighty decision and we want to make sure we are wise with our finances and the resources God has given us. We would appreciate your prayers as we work to decide how we should best handle this decision. Along those same lines; We're still working towards becoming self-sustaining, which is requires continued growth in our knowledge of generosity and personal finances. 

All in all though, please pray that we would trust God with everything and strive above all else to seek his glory in our city. 

thank you all again for your prayers and thoughts! 

-Alex & the staff of Refuge