Gathering Preparation 10.30.2016


As we continue on through this week worshiping God scattered, I pray that we can individually prepare to worship together gathered. This week we will be continuing to encourage you in your discipleship of your children by having a call to worship especially for them. Be sure to be on time so that your children might be encouraged to worship God together with their friends and the adults of the congregation. 

Spend time listening to the songs we are preparing for this Sunday on the Spotify playlist.   

Glory, Glory, Glory

Come Ye Sinners

Hail the King

Death Has Lost its Sting

Satisfied in You

We Will Feast in the House of Zion

The sermon text will be I Corinthians 15.35-49.

I look forward to gathering together with all of you in the name of Jesus to make His glory known throughout Dayton and beyond.