Guest Blog- Jenne Jenkins

Jenne Jenkins is married to Mark, together they have Greyson (4) and Henley (2). They've been attending RCC for about a year. 

When my husband and I first visited Refuge, I left wanting more of the music. The lyrics we sang left it all on the table. We acknowledged our sin/depravity, recognized the hope that we have in Christ, and worshiped our Creator/Maker for it all. During the following week, I saw someone post the link to the RCC : Ezra playlist on Spotify. Immediately, this music flooded our home on adaily basis. To say I was excited about this aspect of the church, would be an understatement. I was so grateful. Although, I remember being a little disappointed that it wasn’t Kirsten’s lovely voice I was hearing. Haha! 

For those of you who don’t know me, I work about 8-12 hours per week at a local children’s hospital. The rest of my time is spent keeping my own toddler and preschooler alive. My job as an ER nurse can be taxing at times, but being a wife/mother/homemaker stretches me literally everyday. This is the hardest work that I have ever done, and, to be honest, I am increasingly aware of the fact that I am not cut out for it. I struggle daily with finding my identity in what I do or do not accomplish. Of course, keeping children alive or holding a colicky baby all day and all night didn’t count for much in my realm of thinking. I often don’t recognize that it is God’s grace that allows me to accomplish anything, and it is also God’s grace that said colicky baby forces me to slow down. Having this music playing in our home spoke truth into my heart and blocked out the damaging lies that I was listening to from my flesh. It essentially set the tone of worship in our home. When I get out of this habit, its absence from our home is palpable. 

Eventually,  I learned that John and the worship team had intentionally created the Spotify playlist as a tool to help us strive towards our goal to grow in our identities as worshipers of God this year. I thought, “it’s working!” Most of my life as a Christian has been under the misconception that worship is reserved for Sunday mornings, or private times of singing without distraction in the home. As I am learning here at Refuge, worship is simply (and not so simply) an attitude of our hearts, every moment of everyday. We are always worshiping something or someone. In conjunction with ruminating over the sermons and RefCom discussions, the playlists have helped more of my moments to be focused toward the only One who deserves my worship. 

To be honest, I have gotten out of this habit lately. Will you join me as I strive to get back into it? If you do listen to the playlist this week or have been listening to it, how has it helped you to grow in your identity as a worshiper of God? Let us know in the comments!