Gathering in Our New Space - December 4th


Beginning Sunday, December 4th our Gathering will take place in our new building! This FAQ has been prepared to help you all as we transition into the new space.


So where is the building? Where do I park?

The space is located at 409 Troy Street, next door to the Victory Project. A short drive up Troy St. it's conveniently located immediately off the I-75 exit. 

We have three spaces for parking. There is a parking lot at our front entrance reserved for our guests & expectant mothers. Directly behind the building is a fenced lot reserved for our use. There is also an empty lot located across the street where we can park.

Rear Parking

Rear Parking

Front Entrance & Guest/Expectant Mother's Parking

Front Entrance & Guest/Expectant Mother's Parking

Street Parking

Street Parking


So why the new building?

Refuge finally has a place of its own. This is our first leased space as a church. No more setup/teardown. We have 24/7 access. Not only is it ours, but it's also a community space. One of our core values as a church is to see God's glory magnified in the city of Dayton. This building is already serving as an active space for the community, hosting neighborhood watch meetings, a local 4-H club and many other community events. By us taking over the lease, we have been able to continue creating a space that not only allows the community to still meet there, but helps them to.


Great! How can I help us move?

Sunday, November 27th will be our last day in the school. One of the joy's of being nomadic for so long is we have gotten moving down to an art form. Though we don't have much to move, we still have items that need taken to the new building. If you're able to help, please contact me ( and I'll get you more information on how to serve there.




What can I expect in the new building?

Casual seating areas, a coffee bar, nursing mother's room & much more. Above is a 3D mockup that should give you a better picture of the vision we have for this space.



Where will City Kids be?

Our kid's will be located through the Victory Project entrance. It is a safe space with its own security system, and can only be accessed by help from a City Kids teacher. Your child can be dropped off before service & picked up afterward.


I have a different question

Feel free to contact me at & I'd be happy to help.

See you all there!