Gathering Preparation 11.06.2016

Friends and Family,

One of the greatest joys in my life is the fellowship that the Lord has given me here at Refuge. My prayer for this week is that you all grow deeper in an understanding of the gift that this fellowship and body is, and that it would stir your affections for Jesus. 

Join me in preparing our hearts for the gathering by meditating on the truths found in the songs we will sign together on Sunday:

  1. Come People of the Risen King
  2. Hosanna
  3. Living in a Land of Death
  4. All My Tears
  5. Grace Alone
  6. All Glory Be to Christ

The sermon will be on I Corinthians 15.50-58. Prepare your hearts to receive the message by reading the passage and meditating on it. 

Grace and Peace,

- Kirsten