Guest Blog- House of Hope

I have been blessed by growing up in the church. Since I can remember, Sunday mornings have been filled with Sunday Church services, football, and the occasional mid-afternoon Sunday naps. It’s been a blessing to walk with a few different church families in the past that have helped me to learn and grow in my affections towards Jesus.

During the past summer, my journey at Refuge City Church began. In that season of my life the Lord was leading me in valuing family and community. As I began to essentially “date” Refuge City to seek their values as a church I began to build relationships with some of their members and I learned a lot about scriptures as I was doing it. As I learned more, it didn’t take long to realize that Refuge City Church since its beginning had been nomadic. After a series of different buildings and picking up and going I learned that for the first time in this church family’s history they had a new “home” or a building to finally call theirs.

Now let’s fast forward to last weekend. Last Sunday marked the first Sunday gathering for Refuge City Church at their new building. I was running a little late and parked about a block away from the church. I remember being overwhelmed by the condition of the neighborhood. Not only was I parking there, but I was now going to a church located right in the middle of what seemed to be a “rough” neighborhood. To be honest, I even thought, “oh goodness, I hope that my car is fine left here.” From the impression of the neighborhood I was nervous because I was willingly putting myself in a place that seemed to be unsafe and unsecure. I finally stepped out of the car to walk to the church building.

“What is that sound?” the words ringing in my head as I walked closer. With excitement, I realized that was the sound of God’s family worshipping with music. About a block away I could hear the church family at Refuge City Church worshipping God and giving thanks for a new building and a home. That is when I realized that what I was hearing was the sound of hope. It’s the sound that says we have a hope in Jesus Christ. That sound is also the hope of that neighborhood. I had to laugh at myself because that is the point. Refuge is for all of us. We can find refuge in our relationship with Jesus as well as with His family which is the church. I quickly became excited for the new location of our church and the building because I knew that God had placed us here to be a refuge for His people and that included this neighborhood. Refuge is for all of us.

- Derrike Ramey