Gathering Preparation 02.28.16

And we’re back,

Week two in the Elementary School and I hope that the novelty of a new gathering space hasn’t lessened our praise to God for providing it for us. I am excited to see how God uses this building and the relationships we form with the staff there to glorify Himself in this city.

I’ll ask you to join me in my excitement. As myself, the band and John prepare for Sunday morning, here are some practical ways that you can prepare your heart to receive the word.


The songs that we will be singing this Sunday are:

How Great is Our God

Come Ye Sinners

Living in a Land of Death

We Will Feast in the House of Zion

Grace Alone

New Again


Here is a link to the Ezra spotify playlist:…/…/playlist/7lkcUGfAKomjsMMskusjBk

All of the songs that we’ve picked out connect to the themes in Ezra and are filled with gospel truth and words from Scripture.

Our liturgies will be taken from Galatians 5, so be sure to spend some time in that chapter and be thinking about it as it applies to our identity as worshipers.

My hope is that having the opportunity to meditate on these songs and verses before our corporate gathering on Sunday will help give you opportunities to see worship as a rhythm of life, and not just songs that we sing together for the two hours we spend together on a Sunday morning. Worship is so much more than that.

Philippians 1.7