Gathering Preparation 03.27.16

Friends and Family,

We’re halfway through holy week, and my prayer for you is that the abundant beauty of the cross of Christ has shown itself to you in more profound and life changing ways, not just around Easter, but day by day as you walk with God. At Refuge our desire is to be a people all about the Glory of God, and that glory is most clearly seen in the events that took place over 2000 years ago. This is something that our fellow brothers and sisters and unbelievers alike will be remembering this weekend. Let’s not take that for granted. We were once dead in our trespasses but have now been made alive to proclaim the “immeasurable riches of his grace and kindness toward us” to the world (Ephesians 2).

While we do celebrate Christ's death and resurrection every week, we will be deviating from our Ezra series to have an Easter service. So make sure you read John 20.1-10 because the sermon will be from that text. Our liturgies will be taken from Ephesians 1.18, 2.1-2, 2.4-5, so once again spend some time meditating on those Scriptures. Try to see how they further help us understand the Creation of God , the Fall of Humanity, and the Redemption of Christ. Finally the songs that we will be singing are:

Marvelous Light

Living in a Land of Death

Absent From Flesh

Nothing but the Blood

See the Conqueror

New Again

Some of these are songs that we haven’t done in a while, so be preparing your heart throughout the rest of this week by refreshing yourself on the beautiful truths that they proclaim.

- Kirsten