Gathering Preparation 05.01.2016

Friends, after two weeks celebrating growth in our church, we are back in Ezra. Begin preparing your heart for worship this Sunday with me. Below is the list of songs we will be singing this Sunday:

How Great is Our God

Death Has Lost It’s Sting

We Will Feast in the House of Zion

Man of Sorrows

Living in a Land of Death

New Again

Here is the link to our Spotify, so you can listen to the songs mentioned above:

Our liturgies will be taken from Romans 5.1-11, so make sure you spend some time meditating on those verses. This way when we read them together this week they will hopefully resonate with our souls more. 

Finall,y spend some time wrestling with Ezra 9.1-15 as pastor Ken Montgomery will be preaching from that text this week. Some of you may be doing this with your Refuge Community or Doxa Group, while others will need to do this on their own, with their friends, or family.

I hope that this time of preparation for our service produces an overflow of joy in God in your hearts, brothers and sisters.