Gathering Preparation 07.31.2016


Hello all, I hope that your weeks have been filled with reminders of God's blessing through christ on your lives! As we approach Sunday, take a read through this post and begin to meditate and prepare your hearts for worship! We'll be singing the following songs together  


Come Ye Sinners

Beautiful Scandalous Night

Death Has Lost it's Sting

All My Tears

All Glory Be to christ

This Weeks Liturgies will Come from Psalm 34 read though the psalm and reflect on God's work in his kingdom and among his people to bring them closer to him and to make them more like him . 

The sermon text will be I Corinthians 10.23-11.1

Dave has provided some points of thought for us as we read the text this week: 

  • Do all to the Glory of God (10:31)
  • God is worthy of receiving Glory because...(too many to list and you know many of these)(10:31)
  • TRY to please everyone, obviously within reason and confines of scripture (10:33)
  • Do not seek your own advantage (10:33; Philippians 2:4)
  • Imitate me as I do Christ (11:1)

    Likewise, If you have time, take a read through this articles that emphasize some of the key points of the text.
  • The Gospel Coalition 
  • Ligonier Ministries - Sinclair Ferguson 

I look forward to joining you in corporate worship this Sunday!

In Christ