Gathering Preparation 08.21.2016


I have been both encouraged and humbled this week by these songs and scriptures. As a young person, It is often within me to be constantly planning my future successes (as much as one can do so) but these truths are a reminder that my own pursuit of personal success is fruitless if it is not with God's glory in mind. The only true success is the growth of God's kingdom, and only He can truly bring that about. This is true freedom.

As you prepare for worship hopefully these songs and scriptures will help you find encouragement and drive you to continue focusing your gaze on Christ

To practically prepare for Sunday, continue to use the Spotify playlist we put together for you to remind you of the promises of God in those songs. Pay specific attention to:

Come People of the Risen King

Come Ye Sinners

Marvelous Light

Made Alive

Thank You Jesus

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

My prayer for you all this week is that you grow in your affections for Jesus and what He's done for you.