Gathering Preparation 08.28.2016


I'm looking forward to another week worshiping with you all! As you know our Refuge Communities are picking up again; this week our east-side RefCom got started and it was an amazing time just to see everyone and share in the communty that God has blessed us with. Part of that community is our worship together as the bride of Christ each Sunday. As you prepare for worship hopefully these songs and scriptures will help you find encouragement and drive you to continue focusing your gaze on Christ.

To practically prepare for Sunday, continue to use the Spotify playlist we put together for you to remind you of the promises of God in those songs. Pay specific attention to:

The Solid Rock

Satisfied in You

Made Alive

Be Thou My Vision

May Your Power Rest on Me

Hail the King

If you missed last week you might not be familiar with "Made Alive". "Hail the King" is also a new song, but both of them are pretty easy to get the hang ! Take a few minutes to give them an extra listen before Sunday. I look forward to sharing in the truth of the Gospel with you all!