Gathering Preparation 08.07.2016

Friends and Family,

As I'm preparing my heart to celebrate the glory of God in the gospel together with you this Sunday, I ask that you would do the same. How are some ways that you are able to see Gods gracious hand at work in your circumstances? Celebrate in those!  Are you even acknowledging God in the hardships or blessings in your life? If not, repent and experience once again how sweet the forgiveness of the cross is. 

I know many of you are encouraged by the Spotify playlist, so continue to meditate on the truths found in those songs. Specifically:

Marvelous Light


Grace Alone

We Will Feast in the House of Zion 

Satisfied in You

Hail the King

We will be reading corporately from Ephesians 2.1-10, so meditate on that passage as well. 

I so look forward seeing you all and worshiping together again this Sunday.