Gathering Preparation 01.22.16


I hope you all are doing well and are excited to continue our journey into Daniel as we begin Daniel Chapter 1 this week. As you prepare to worship this week, check out these songs on the playlist: 

1. Song of Hope
2. It's Not Enough
3. Hail the King
4. How Firm a Foundation
5. Restless
6. On Jordan's Stormy Banks

This week we'll doing a couple new songs, It's not Enough and Song of Hope, listen to those a few times if you're able to. Our liturgies will come from Psalm 8 and the Sermon text will be from Daniel 1. Spend a few minutes reading those in preparation for Sunday and for your Doxa groups.

This year we're focusing on our identity as Family. In my RefCom we've been working hard to grow together as family. Spending time with each other throughout the week and getting to know each other! I want to encourage you all to do that as well, meet up with someone from Refuge this week to do life together and get to know each other better. 

I look forward to our gathered worship this week!

In Christ, 
- A