Gathering Preperation 02.26.2017


As we have worked through the book of Daniel I have been very encouraged by the stories we have found there of the power and faithfulness of God to his people. I hope you have as well! Likewise I hope you have been growing together as a family, I know our Refuge Community has had a wonderful time growing together this year as we have taken extra time to focus on our family identity. 

To prepare for worship this Sunday listen to these songs on the Daniel Spotify Playlist.

  1. One God
  2. Strange Fruit
  3. Absent from Flesh
  4. Living in a Land of Death
  5. Psalm 126
  6. On Jordan's Stormy Banks

The Liturgies are taken out of 1 Corinthans 8-9, as you read those chapters focus on the way that God has saved us from our own interest and given us the freedom to meet others in the places where they need met. starting this week we'll be using our liturgies as a platform for prayer, if you feel comfortable take some time this week to pray over them, as well as the sermon text of Daniel 6. 

I look forward to sharing in worship with you this week! .

In Peace