Preparation for Worship 08.13.2017

At Refuge our services are a time for us to gather as Christ's bride and worship together as a family. God doesn't ask us to limit our worship to a few hours on Sunday though. Throughout the week we should be worshiping individually and with our friends and families. Let this page be a starting place for you. Below you'll find the songs we'll be singing together the following weekend, as well as the sermon text and some other resources for your reference.

We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!

This week we'll be singing the following songs together, they can be found on John 1:1-18 Spotify Playlist

  1. Oh! Great is our God
  2. Satisfied in You
  3. Song of Hope
  4. Adoption
  5. Sweet Comfort
  6. Grace Alone

This week we'll continue our John series

Gathering Preparation 12.14.2016

Hey family! 
Excited to continue this season of advent with you this week! Its been a huge blessing to my heart to worship in the new space, I hope you all feel the same! 

The following are the songs we'll be singing this week. You can find them on our advent playlist

  1. Come and Stand Amazed
  2. Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel
  3. Before the Throne
  4. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. Facing a Task Unfinished

This week we'll continue our series of videos on the history of the hymns we sing as Jenna shares the story of Facing a Task Unfinished with us! Please also take some time to read Hebrews Chapter 1 as you prepare for Sunday! 

I look forward to worshiping with you! 

- A

Gathering Preparation 06.26.2016

Gathering Preparation 06.26.2016

God has been reminding me of the Joy of community this week. We have the amazing opportunity to gather as the bride of Christ, something that many christians all over the world are not able to do. It's easy to forget that, but it is a beautiful blessing that we have. As you prepare for the gathering this week, take a listen to the following songs on our spotify playlist

Gathering Preparation 05.15.2016

Gathering Preparation 05.15.2016

This week we begin our study of I Corinthians, we'll be spending (essentially) the rest of 2016 studying this book. I look forward to going on this journey with you all as we come to better understand the unity and joy of worship and the sovereign power of God in the lives of his people.