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Preparation for Worship 07.23.2017

At Refuge our services are a time for us to gather as Christ's bride and worship together as a family. God doesn't ask us to limit our worship to a few hours on Sunday though. Throughout the week we should be worshiping individually and with our friends and families. Let this page be a starting place for you. Below you'll find the songs we'll be singing together the following weekend, as well as the sermon text and some other resources for your reference.

We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!

This week we'll be singing the following songs together, they can be found on John 1:1-18 Spotify Playlist

  1. Song of Hope
  2. Satisfied in You
  3. Made Alive
  4. Adoption
  5. Compel my Heart to Sing
  6. The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Liturgies will be taken from Psalm 3 This week we'll begin our John series, starting with John 1:1-14

Refuge Prayer Update June 2015

Refuge City Church

Prayer Update: June 2015

Hello all! 
First, let me thank you again for your continued prayers and support. It means more to us than we could ever express, the word of God continues to spread in Dayton and we are excited that he has blessed us to be a part of that!

June marks the beginning of our summer break from formal Missional Community meetings. Many of our members are electing to continue gathering at local establishments and venues throughout the summer, but the groups have taken a summer break in order to continue providing training and development for our leaders as we continue to develop more and more effective strategies for building lasting relationships in our city. We appreciate your prayers for us during these few months of rest and preparation. 

As mentioned in previous posts, we have made some changes to our Sunday gatherings in order to make sure they were communicating the Gospel as effectively as possible. We have been encouraged and motivated by the effectiveness that God has given us in this regard. Our new service structure has given us a much better platform to develop as a congregation in our individual study and comprehension of the Word, as well as our growth as the family of God. Our Gatherings are one of our most effective areas of ministry right now and we humbly ask that you continue to pray for us as we work to develop them further. 

Lastly, God has given us several young adults and teenagers who want to know and understand the Gospel of Christ in a more meaningful way. Simultaneously he has provided us with young leaders who have been happy to befriend and disciple these new believers. It has been both a blessing and a challenge for each of them and we ask that you pray for the hearts of these children, as well as for the leaders that God has raised up for them, that they would be loving, kind, gracious and patient. Most importantly that they would be empowered by the spirit to speak truth into the lives of these children. 

As always all of us at Refuge are extraordinarily encouraged by your support and love throughout these years and look forward to many joy-filled years to come as we await the eternal kingdom of God. 

In Christ,