What is our vision for those ministries? And what is the framework on which we've built them? 

First, we have a vision: this is what we're always going back to, striving towards. It is our passion. Our greatest desire: 

"We desire to PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to all peoples for GOD'S GLORY and OUR JOY." 

Seems pretty easy! But what does that actually mean? 

Simply: it means that we, above all else, want to see God get all the credit. The passion of our lives is toward this end. Everything we do: from the biggest events, all the way down to the every-day details of our lives. We want to recognize that God is the one who sustains all things.  We want this passion to be enjoyed throughout all the earth, so that, when he returns, His eternal kingdom will be filled with a joyful people. 

So, in order to do that, we need to live out His mission in every aspect of our lives. That mission is to spread the story of Christ and His love to all the earth.

So how do we get there? Well, for that we have a mission, and that mission is:

"We DEVELOP people who build their lives around


through regular GATHERINGS, generous COMMUNITIES, and intentional DISCIPLESHIP." 

In short: we want to develop people who are selflessly building their lives around the gospel of Christ and giving giving their time, money, and efforts to redeem the community of Dayton and communities across the world. We strive to develop that in people through our Gatherings, our Refuge Communities, and our Discipleship groups